With MILLIONS of games sold worldwide, Mistic Software keeps expanding and moves forward with the development of brand new games on the latest consoles.

After creating best-selling titles for the GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, Mistic is currently developing brand new material for Apple’s iPhone and iPad rapidly followed by ports to Android.

Mistic Software is an independent developer located in Montreal, Canada. Mistic has spread its success across the world, adding subsidiaries in France and Ukraine. Mistic only works with the top publishers in the industry. Our team of experts has 20 years of experience, giving us the opportunity to grow quickly and develop for the latest consoles with engines and tools that we create in our studios.

Currently, in addition to our traditional work on Wii, DS, PSP and DSiWare, we develop new titles for iPhone / Ipad and Unity 3D. Our highest priority is reflected in the diversity of our products. Through role playing, sports, tricks, and platforms, we are proud to create different kinds of games that appeal to all audiences.

Our mission has always been to create innovative and original software and to craft high-quality games. We pride ourselves and focus on delivering excellent products that are always readily playable, within budget and on time. This is what makes us unique and rare in the game industry.

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